Proposal for state budget 2019 will be presented on Monday

Government leaks show a KrF-friendly budget

According to the supreme court, five years of KrF cooperation characterize the budget proposal to be presented Monday.

On Monday at 10 o’clock, Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (Frp) will submit the proposal for a state budget for 2019 in the Storting. The government’s own leaks in advance show that it is already spicy with KrF-friendly issues, not least a promise to spend 1 per cent of gross national income for assistance, equivalent to NOK 37.8 billion.

“KrF must decide if they think they get more impact on the other side. I do not think so, says the chairman of the finance committee Henrik Asheim (H) to NTB.

Asheim also refers to the proposal to extend the free-time scheme in kindergarten to also apply to two-year-olds from low-income families, as a breakthrough for KrF.

“We also follow many of the settlements we have before. The learning norm is a victory in the budget that KrF has received before and as we now follow up with money, says Asheim.


KrF’s national meeting on November 2

On November 2, KrF’s extraordinary national meeting will decide whether the party will follow Hareide’s advice or listen to the deputy chairman and fiscal spokesperson Kjell Ingolf Ropstad who wishes to take the KrF into government with the Left, Left and Progress Party.

The KrF policy is not taken out of the budget even though party leader Knut Arild Hareide has agreed to reverse the three government parties and also try to get in touch with the Center Party and the Labor Party.

“We do not mind these things to threaten them to not be implemented. We do because we are four parties that have made five government budgets together. There is a long line of priorities, explains Asheim.

Asheim believes KrF has a lot to get from the bourgeois.

“There is no doubt that KrF will get more impact in negotiations,” he entices.

No effects on budget process

Asheim, however, is clear that the economic situation makes it important to stay within the limits the government is putting Monday.

– The unemployment rate is very low and the economy is going high. Then you can not spend more money over public budgets. When we are going to negotiate with KrF, we need to re-prioritize within existing budgets, he states.

While the other parties await KrF’s decision, little is happening to the budget proposal in the Storting. The period until the beginning of November uses opposition parties as usual to prepare their alternative budgets.

It also applies to KrF. Hareide has placed family economics high on the priority list, advocating increased child allowance, a changed maternity allowance and free kindergarten from third children.

Aim is to get recommendations ready before November 20

Asheim is ready to start budget negotiations in early November if KrF enters into the bourgeois government – or at least continue the budget cooperation. The goal is that the Finance Committee has its recommendation ready before 20 November.

“These are deadlines that have broke before, but my goal is that it will not be done this year,” said the committee leader.

If KrF chooses Sp and AP – and wants to start the cooperation all this fall – there is a new team that has to negotiate the budget. The three parties do not have a majority alone, but they also need to negotiate with SV about budget support. In parallel with budget negotiations, the parties will also have to start work on building a government platform from scratch.

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