Probably left-no to digital border defense

The Liberal Party’s national meeting will, according to a board member Guri Melby, hardly agree to a bill that involves a broad mass monitoring of Norwegian citizens.

The proposal for a digital border defense was sent for consultation before Christmas. When the Liberal Party’s national meeting starts on Friday, Guri Melby tells Aftenposten that she supports a proposal for a statement that says “no to the consultation proposal on digital border defense.”

The proposal for a new intelligence law includes that Norwegian citizens’ communication in the form of emails and mobile calls in and out of the country can be stored, analyzed and used to uncover threats to the country.

Melby is a member of the Liberal Party’s central government and believes that the government party as a privacy party cannot participate in the broad mass surveillance of Norwegian citizens as the proposal in its current form implies.

– What we are most skeptical about is that it involves mass monitoring of citizens regardless of whether they have any suspicions directed at them or not, says Melby.

– We will use all the opportunities we have in the government to influence the proposal. The most important thing for us is to achieve results and less monitoring. If we do not get it, I think we cannot support such a bill. Then I mean we must take dissent.

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