Prisoned killed in Indian jail, body handed over to Pakistan

The body of a Pakistani prisoner killed in an Indian prison is handed over to the Pakistani authorities.

Shakir Ullah was killed last month in what appears to have been a revenge attack after 40 Indian soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in Kashmir on 14 February.

The authorities in Pakistan say border guards on Saturday accepted the body of the killed inmates at the Wagah border post. The Wagah border crossing is the only one open to normal traffic between India and Pakistan. It was also here that Pakistan handed over an Indian pilot the day before. The pilot was shot down by the Pakistani defense earlier this week while the tension between the two countries reached new heights.

Among other things, India carried out at least one air raid against the group claiming to have been behind the suicide attack earlier this month. Pakistan and India have very different stories about the attack and its outcome. While the Indians claim to have killed hundreds of terrorists, Pakistan says the planes were cut off and released their bombs over an unpopulated area and no one was injured.

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