Previous bank employee arrested by Police in Agder in account of fraud

A former employee of a bank in Aust-Agder was arrested in a police action last week and charged with gross robbery and identity violation.

Agder police raided a previous bank employee house last Monday after the internal audit of bank revealed irregularities.

“The preliminary verdict is a serious blow to the bank and identity violation because the man has taken loans in the name of unsuspecting bank customers,” says lawyer Geir Magne Søfteland in Agder police district.

It was the Lillesands Post that first mentioned the matter.

According to the police attorney, the man’s house was searched and seizures were made. The visitation must have taken place without drama. After several hours of interrogation, the accused must have a penalty for the circumstances. He was later released.

It is currently unclear how much money it is about. According to Fædrelandsvennen, the sentence will probably be extended once the investigation is completed.

“The goal is to uncover the extent of the fraud, how many customers have been borrowed and how much it is about,” says Søfteland.

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