President Xi Jinping promises to open up to exporters

President Xi Jinping promised to improve Chinese economy when he addressed in an opening of an import trade fair in Shanghai Monday. China will strengthen their export trades with few changes on their policies, like, lower the import charges, make customs clearance easier and impose strict penalties against those who violate copyright.

“We want to create a world-class trade climate,” Xi said when he opened the fair. At the same time, he commented on the international pressure against the country clearly aimed at US President Donald Trump, who has started a trade war between the world’s two largest economies.

“They should not only point to others while trying to cover their own problems. They should not stand there with a flashlight in their hand and only focus on the weaknesses of others without looking at their own, “said Xi. He believed countries should clean up their own problems before criticizing others and protested against protectionism, isolationism and confrontations.

Over 3,000 foreign companies from 130 countries, including the United States and a number of countries in Europe and Asia, came to the fair to see potential Chinese buyers what they have to offer. Fair highlights the strength and vision of China to improve import-export trades and stand strong among all the criticism that country is facing right now.

A number of heads of government come to the show, including Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his Pakistani colleague Imran Khan.

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