Heavy precipitation hits Western Norway, extreme weather warning in Nordland

The weather forecasts for the coming days are not favorable for Western Norway. The westerners have already received more rain than in decades and now it is going to hit again. The forecasts shows that it gets wet, windy and gradually cooler.

Almost 380 millimeters of rainfall have been recorded so far in October at the measurement station Florida in Bergen, according to the Meteorological Institute.

“It’s 200 millimeters needed by the end of the month to beat the 1983 record, but it’s not impossible. There is a lot left in October and it is still wet in Bergen in the future, according to NTB, State Meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes.

The entire west coast of Norway, from Lista in the south to well past City, must be prepared for more bad weather and wet days for the week.

According to the forecasts, the intensity of precipitation will increase in particular on Sundays and Mondays with almost 80-100 millimeters of precipitation.

“It is the same phenomenon that we saw last weekend, a long-drawn precipitation field where the rain is released for a large part over the same area. This is also called “atmospheric river”. Currently, it seems as if Sunday could provide 80-100 millimeters of precipitation in 24 hours, says State Meteorologist Hanne Beate Skattør at Meteorological Institute of VG.

Extreme weather in Nordland

The Meteorological Institute has issued a notice of extreme rainfall of yellow level for Nordland from Thursday to Friday night.

“It may come 30-50 millimeters in 12 hours. It is coming up with rain, but it will slow down on Friday, says State Meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes to NTB.

The forecasts shows some rainfall for Northern Norway in the coming days but the decreased temperatures will last for the weekend. It also shows that in far east in Finnmark it will go down to zero degrees even during the daytime.

Possibility of snow in Trøndelag

The warning shows that in Trøndelag there will be wind, rain and cold, which can quickly make the precipitation into slums or snow in the height. While other parts of the country can expect rain and heavy wind from the northwest beyond next week. It will be calmer inland down towards Oslo and south towards Kristiansand.

– Varying light clouds and periods of sun will affect the days. The wind turns and it will be almost half the temperatures in many places. In many places it becomes a night frost, according to the state meteorologist.

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