The police will imprison four for abduction in Bergen

Four persons arrested for abduction of a man in Bergen are being sentenced for detention on Saturday.

“The deprivation of liberty has been carried out by the use of violence and that insults must have been taken into a car and held against its will,” the West police district said.

The police say the evidence so far suggests that there was a relationship between insults and those charged and that he was not a random victim.

A major police action was taken in Bergen after the 39-year-old man was kidnapped in the city center night to Friday. The police were contacted by a resident who had been out of court on the street. Shortly after the police were notified of the noise, a man in the late 30’s should have been abducted in a car.

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At 6 o’clock on Friday morning a bus driver called the police and told of a man who wanted to go on the bus. The man was without shoes and was tied to his hands. This was the man who had been abducted. He was characterized by the incident, but not seriously physically injured.


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