The police moved out following a message of fights in the center of Trondheim

At 19.30 on Tuesday night, the police in Trøndelag informed that they had been notified of a fight in the area of ​​Munkegata / Queen’s gate.

After moving out to the site, the patrol first found no one involved, according to the dispute report.

An hour later, the operations center informs that they have come into contact with three people who have been involved in the fight.

The course of events is unclear, yet two men aged 18 and 21, respectively, are included in the police custody at the Center Police Station.

“The police are investigating and investigating further,” said the tweet.

Geir Langås at the joint criminal case admission in Trøndelag police district states that another man of 18 years old has been brought in to the police house in connection with the fact that there has been an violence.

– We have so far questioned one, and shall try to get an interview to do so. In addition, we have a man who is in the hospital that we will try to get an interview with, says Langås.

– Were weapons used in connection with the fight?

– It is too early to say anything about this, says Langås in the 21:30.

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