The police are asking for more money for the investigation of the Hagen disappearance

Eastern police district will ask the Police Directorate for extra funds for the investigation of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s disappearance in Lørenskog last autumn.

– We are a considerable number of people who work on this matter, and we want to keep the pressure up, says police inspector Tommy Brøske.

– We are preparing an inquiry to the Norwegian Police Directorate about the supply of extra funds to handle the costs associated with the investigation. As we are in a process of preparing the inquiry, we have so far no further comment on this, says police inspector Tommy Brøske to NRK.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was last seen October 31 last year. After that, there has been no evidence that she is alive. Nor has there been any new contact after Monday, February 11, when the perpetrators used a new way of communicating.

The police have previously confirmed that there have been both threats and demands for ransom in the form of crypto currency in the abduction case.

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