PM Erna Solberg is skeptical whether she will remain on her position this Christmas

On Friday, Christian Democratic Party (Krf) will finally decide on which side to cooperate. It is also the day which will decide whether Frp will stay is power or not.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Erna Solberg is positive and at the same time not sure if she will remain a prime minister or not.

According to Solberg, the countdown which shows that 99 out of 190 delegates of Krf extraordinary country meeting on Friday want to negotiate with today’s government is a good news.

“I am very aware that it is only Friday that is decided. It is positive that so many have said they do not want to trap the sitting government. So it’s up to the national meeting to decide how they want to cooperate. But it looks like they want to work with us, “says Solberg to NTB.

Asking if she is safer in the prime minister than now two weeks ago, she says:

– I do not give any estimates. I have taken this easy. You must always live in that situation that you can be prime minister forever, or you have to go tomorrow.

On Wednesday, in a press conference at the Parliament, Solberg said that she thinks she is a Prime Minister for four weeks but perhaps not for the Christmas.

“Regardless, it takes some time to build coalitions. I am open for things to happen on Friday, which means that at Christmas we do not necessarily have the government we have today, either by expanding or in another government. That’s how a minority government lives, there’s no guarantees.”

However, she is also positive due to the results of different polls.

“But it is the national meeting in KrF that determines who will be in government and who will be prime minister,” concluded Solberg.

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