People’s protest against the removal of 108-year-old chocolate brand

Thousands of people protest after a few days ago it became known that the Lohengrin chocolate is being taken out of production.

The rose-decorated, beef-shaped and cream-cream-filled chocolate will disappear from the store shelves during February, reports Aftenposten from an interview with Freia’s owner company. Freia has decided to take Lohengrin out of production after 108 years.

And it doesn’t go unnoticed that it disappears. Thousands of people have expressed protest in a group on Facebook they callLohengrin’s friends . It now has nearly 10,000 members.

The founder of the group is called Ståle Botn. In an interview with Budstikka , he says that with the group they try to influence the decision. He also hints that it may end with torchlight.

– This is so much more than a chocolate, says Botn to Budstikka and points out that Lohengrin in 2009 got the status of cultural heritage .

Friday this week he visited “Good Morning Norway”, where he talked about the chocolate case.

– It is sales and demand that determine, and the demand for Lohengrin has decreased as the years have passed. Then it is no longer profitable to produce it , she says.

In connection with the opera opening “Lohengrin” at the National Theater in Oslo in 1911, the chocolate was launched and designed by the theater’s architect Henrik Bull.

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