People are asked to stay away from bridges in the Ottadalen

Several bridges in Skjåk and Lom have severely damaged due to the flood. Road administration have issued warning for people to avoid using or being anywhere close near to bridge

Watercourse in Otta has put roads in Skjåk under water on Sunday. At the same time, the situation is critical for several bridges in Lom and Skjåk.

On Sunday, bridge in Skjåk was covered by the water masses, and there is a risk that more bridges may suffer from the same fate.

“We have all personnel out there to limit damage and safeguard bridges and roads,” says Ole Einar Fossen, Head of Section in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, in a press release.

The main contractor Mesta has had people outside this night, and the public road administration has also had its own people out there to support the contractor since Sunday morning.

“The water masses are larger than in a normal spring flood and constitute an extreme strain for our bridges. We are now working to limit the damage to our bridges. Marlo Bru in Skjåk knows we have suffered severe damage due to the extreme strain, “says Fossen.

There is no east-west connection through the Ottadalen now, as county road 55 above Sognefjellet is also closed, as well as the national road 15. Alternate route is E136 through Romsdalen or E16 Valdres via county road 51 above Valdresflye.


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