Pentagon: The order for withdrawal from Syria is signed

"The order for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria has been signed," said a US military spokesman on Sunday.

There was turmoil and concern among US closest allies when President Donald Trump on Wednesday made a surprising statement that he would pull US troops out of Syria. In addition to international criticism, the decision was also severely discouraged in Washington.

A few days after Trump informed about the withdrawal, the message of US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is coming off. The decision to leave Syria is seen as a defeat for Mattis, who has previously stated that withdrawing from Syria is a “strategic mistake”.

However, Iran and Russia, the Syrian regime’s closest ally, are looking forward to an upcoming US withdrawal.

Trump announced last week that the United States has begun to retrieve soldiers home and declared that the extreme Islamist group IS has been defeated in Syria.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) was among those who, along with the UK and France, warned about the risk of withdrawing from Syria and that the fight against IS is not over.

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