Passenger aircraft lost GPS signal in Finnmark – the error is associated with Russian military exercises

The last week, several passenger flights in Finnmark have lost GPS signal in the airspace from Kirkenes to Lyngen in Troms. The reason behind it is linked to Russian military exercises.

“We have reason to believe that this may be related to military exercises outside Norway’s borders,” says The Norwegian Aviation Authority to The Barents Observer.

The Civil Aviation Authority has notified both airlines that have scheduled flights in the areas, as well as Avinor about the signal disturbances. Both SAS and Norwegian fly daily routes to Kirkenes and Alta, while Widerøe has a number of small aircraft flying the smaller airports along the Finnmark coast.

Press manager Lina Lindegaard in Widerøe confirms that one of their aircraft lost GPS signals at the start of this week, but emphasizes that pilots have alternative procedures in such cases.

– There is no security risk associated with this. We have good practices, and this is also not the first time we have experienced losing signals, “says Lindegaard, who does not want to wonder the cause of signal losses.

Next week, the Russian Navy will conduct new missile tests outside Finnmark.

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