Partial victory for Iran after the International Court passes its judgement

The United States is asked to lift sanctions against Iran

Iran brought the United States into the UN Court ICJ this summer, and the ruling came on Wednesday.

The International Court in The Hague has ordered the United States to lift sanctions against Iran affecting civil aviation and humanitarian aid. The International Court is the supreme legal body in the United Nations.

The ruling states that sanctions against Iran must not go beyond air safety and humanitarian aid. However, it does not address a number of other sanctions aimed at Iranian business. It is also only preliminary and can be appealed.

The court also asks the parties not to further aggravate the dispute.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has previously mentioned Iran’s lawsuit for abuse of the UN Court.

Effects of the US sanctions in Iran

The US sanctions against Iran are reintroduced as a result of the United States withdrawing from the International Nuclear Agreement with Iran from 2015, which will ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.

In August, the United States reintroduced economic sanctions that affected Iran’s exports of rugs and nuts. The sanctions are also aimed at the country’s automotive and aerospace industry, which has led to Iran no longer being allowed to import passenger flights even if the contracts have already been concluded. In November, the sanctions will also affect the country’s oil exports.

Iran believes the sanctions violate an agreement entered into by the countries in 1955, and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called them a form of psychological warfare.

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