The Parliament looks at the support for the party groups

The parliament’s presidency will review the subsidy schemes for the parliament groups. It can lead to more openness.

The review was announced in December, after Aftenposten wrote several articles on the party groups’ money use.

“We will now conduct a comprehensive review of the subsidy schemes for the parliament groups, as we announced,” says Stone President Tone Trøen (H) to the newspaper.

– The presidency will look at the size of the grants to the parties, issues related to transparency and control, and whether there is a need for other types of clarifications or clearer guidelines in areas where there may be ambiguities today.

From 2013 to 2017, the Parliament granted 862 million tax dollars to the party groups, but the parties do not have to provide access to the money use in the same way as the public sector. When Aftenposten asked for access, MDG, SV, Rødt and KrF answered yes to this. The left first said no, but turned after a few weeks. Ap, Right, Sp and Frp would not give access.

Increased transparency is what some of the presidency is to look at, according to the Faith.

– But it is probably advisable not to conclude before we have started, says the Parliament President, who hopes a recommendation can be ready before the New Year.

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