Overturned trees, rocks and convoy in the storm

For several hours, all roads between Eastern Norway and Central Norway were closed.

Several closed mountain passes have now been opened again for traffic. On Wednesday night, several roads were closed due to overturned trees and strong winds.

At 5 o’clock on Wednesday morning, Vegtrafikksentralen announced that both national road 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet and national road 13 over Vikafjellet were opened again for traffic.

– Better weather means that all the main roads between east and west have been open, says traffic operator Ove Amundsen at Vegtrafikksentralen Vest to Bergens Tidende.

On Tuesday night, column driving was reported on national road 7 over Hardangervidda from 21:00. Night to Wednesday, however, national road 7 was left open for traffic again, Vegtrafikksentralen stated at 4 o’clock.

Trees overturned

Several county roads in Western Norway were closed on Tuesday which follows the overturned wood across the road, both county 366 in Osterøy and 390 in Lindås. Also in Sogn og Fjordane and Trøndelag, strong winds and storms led to closed county roads due to overturned trees on Wednesday morning.

The national road 15 over Strynefjellet is still closed, due to race danger and storms, while the county road 27 over Venabygdsfjellet is also closed due to the weather. County road 53 between Tyin in Oppland and Årdal in Sogn og Fjordane is still closed.

Highway 3 over Kvikne and E6 over Dovrefjell opened late Tuesday evening again after both roads were closed at one time.

For several hours, all roads between Eastern Norway and Central Norway were closed.

European road 69 on the stretch Skarsvåg and Nordkapp is closed due to bad weather, and county road 8 is closed between Oppedal and Hest in Sogn og Fjordane due to rocky rapids. At 10 am on Wednesday morning, the Road Administration will make a new assessment.

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