Over a thousand may still be missing in Indonesia

Tsunami effect has not over yet in Indoensia. Authorities reports over a thousand people may still be missing in the village of Balaroa after the earthquake. So far, 1,658 people were found dead after the disaster.

The authorities in Indonesia have once again upgraded the deaths of the tomb and tsunami that hit the island of Sulawesi one week ago. Also the official missing figure has risen sharply, from around 100 to 683, Indonesian security minister said Friday.

Large parts of the village of Balaroa are still buried underground and mud.

This means that the actual death rate may be far higher than the 1,658 so far confirmed in the disaster.

“We estimate that over a thousand houses are buried, so more than a thousand people may still be missing,” said Yusuf Latif, spokesman for the Indonesian agency responsible for rescue work.

“But we can not be sure, because it’s possible that some of them managed to get out,” he adds.

It is unclear whether the official list of missing includes residents from Balaroa.

The earthquake and tsunami last Friday hit the provincial capital of Palu and the areas around the island of Sulawesi. The UN estimates that nearly 200,000 people need immediate relief after the disaster.

In Balaroa, located just outside Palu, it appears that a sinking hole opened under the shelf. The ground was transformed into mud and loose soil, and more than half of the houses in the village should have been buried.

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