Over 10,000 without power during stormwater in Western Norway

According to the power company BKK, 10,000 customers in the mountain area are still powerless as on Thursday night. Falling tress and storms are the reason behind the cutout.

For a period, nearly 19,000 of BKK’s customers were registered without power. For many of the areas, troubleshooting is being done; elsewhere, troubleshooting or correction of errors must be postponed for the safety of the crews of the power company. Especially in Nordhordland the challenges were great. At 2 o’clock in the night to Thursday there were still 10,400 power customers without power.

– Trees that have passed over power lines and wires lying in the ground can be live. Keep a good distance, warn BKK on its website.

Also in southern Norway many households became powerless on Wednesday. According to Agderposten, 3,700 households were powerless in 22 hours, but four hours later most had recovered and almost 90 were listed without power on the company’s website.

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