Oslo municipality asks real estate agents to report about any violations

City councilor Raymond Johansen (AP) says the municipality of Oslo has sent letters to real estate agents in the municipality in the hope that the practice of registering properties that have pre-emptive rights will be tightened.
Oslo municipality has sent a letter to 237 real estate brokers in the capital where they ask for a violation of the municipal pre-emption right to be reported.

“We have sent out the letter because sellers of properties are often represented by a real estate agent or a lawyer who in practice is often the one who reports in advance,” says City Councilor Raymond Johansen (AP) to Dagens Næringsliv .

The newspaper has in a number of articles written about Ivar Tollefsen and his real estate company Fredensborg AS, which among other things failed to report farms where residents and the municipality had pre-emptive rights.

The law on municipal pre-emptive rights to tenants gives the municipality pre-emptive rights when a tenancy is transferred by sale, gift, change of wife or forced sale. When the residential property is subdivided according to the Ownership Section Act, the tenant has a pre-emptive right to his apartment.

In light of the disclosures in DN, the City of Oslo has sent a letter to the real estate agents hoping that the practice will be tightened. The municipality is working to get an overview of farms where the pre-emption right has not been reported.

According to DN, Fredensborg AS failed to report 13 townhouses in Oslo for municipal pre-sale, which the municipality is now investigating. The company acknowledges that six of these should have been registered. 600 tenants may have lost the right to purchase the apartment they lived in.

In January, the Parliament will consider a proposal from the Red-head Bjørnar Moxnes to submit a penalty bid in the Leiegårdsloven.

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