Oslo Mission Church: The media coverage of us is skewed

“Oslo Mission Church returns against criticism after the church was connected to a network that wants to change people with “unwanted sexual orientation”.

– An image is created that the Oslo Mission Church wants to reorient gays, even though I explicitly reject that is the case, says Erik Andreassen, pastor of the Oslo Mission Church Bethlehem, to Our Country.

Oslo Mission Mission Bethlehem is one of 90 churches belonging to Misjonskirken Norway, which in turn is affiliated with the network For Wholeness, which wants sexual reorientation of gay, bisexual and transsexuals.

KrF Deputy Chairman Kjell Ingolf Ropstad is a member of the Oslo Mission Church. Andreassen states that the church of Oslo Mission Church, in which Ropstad goes, is not affiliated to the Whole, but that the religious community Misjonskirken Norway is. The pastor believes that it shows that many journalists mix together church and religious communities.

– TV 2 had a web article that said “the religious community of Oslo Mission Church Bethlehem’s purpose is to convert gays”. In some conversations with journalists, it seemed almost as they thought To Whole is the umbrella organization of Misjonskirken Norway, and that reorientation of gays is the main goal of our work, he says.

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