The Oslo City Council considers prohibition of unhealthy food advertising

The health authorities in Oslo will examine whether a ban should be introduced on advertising for pizza, candy and other unhealthy food on bus, tram, subway and in station areas.

The possible ban is inspired by London. In the British capital it is forbidden to promote unhealthy food and drink on public transport February 1.

– We would rather have advertising that influences us in a healthier direction, says healthcare agency Tone Tellevik Dahl to the channel. She is now going to investigate the possibility of a ban.

But if we believe researcher Annechen Bahr Bugge, at SIFO / Oslo Met, advertising for unhealthy food is not a big problem.

– On the contrary, we see that there is a lot of advertising for healthy food products. It should be natural, fresh and clean. We also see that people are increasingly concerned with health and health, she says.

The researcher believes it is a bigger problem that people find it difficult to find healthy food in kiosks and fast food outlets.

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