Oslo branch office reveals cheating in 8 out of 10 checks

Oslo chemistry offices have a high score over the past five years, where their controllers have uncovered wages for more than NOK 1.5 billion, writes Dagsavisen.

Since 2014, the office, which is the country’s largest tax collector, has carried out 2,171 checks. In 8 out of 10 checks it was revealed cheating, the newspaper writes.

The cheating is mainly about employers who try to circumvent employer tax by failing to report their employees’ earnings. This often happens in connection with black work, in construction and construction, restaurant industry, cleaning and transportation.

Division director Atle Myklebust in the Oslo branch office believes that several controls would uncover more cheating, but that the office must make a balance in how they want to use their resources.

– The repercussions of the surveillance controls are, in any case, much greater than the amounts we require paid afterwards. It turns out that many people start to report things they have not previously reported and continue to do so, says Myklebust.

On Wednesday, the Fagforbundet and the Norwegian Staffing Team will arrange a conference on black economy in Oslo.

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