Online shopping for over 18 billion came below the 350-krone limit in 2017

Online shopping in Norway has marked to NOK 40 billion

Over 40 billion dollars on goods and services purchased over the internet abroad last year by Norwegians. Most of the commodity purchases came below the 350-krone limit.

Six years ago, Norwegians spent NOK 15 billion on online trading abroad, showing preliminary calculations based on card data, Statistics Norway (SSB)states. These figures are doubled now, the online shopping from Norway people is marked to NOK 40 billion.

Out of 40 billion Norwegians used foreign trade last year, just over 22 billion imports of goods accounted for. The survey also shows that goods worth a value of NOK 350 or less make up a substantial proportion of this amount – NOK 18.4 billion. Goods that exceeded the 350-krone limit amounted to just over 4.4 billion.

The SSB puts the clear overweight of trade of goods under 350 kroner in line with the fact that the threshold value for tax exemption and thus registration duty in 2015 was raised from 200 NOK excluding shipping to 350 NOK including shipping.

“Although there is considerable uncertainty about the figures, it can be reasonably established that household direct imports have increased significantly over the last few years, and most likely due to the increased volume of imports of goods under the threshold values ​​for declaration, SSB writes.

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