One man transferred to hospital after a fight in Porsgrunn

A group of man were seen fighting in Porsgrunn. Situation is under control by police now. One man is transported to hospital after being beaten in his head.

The police received a message at 1.40 on Monday night on fighting at the Jernbanegata railway station in Porsgrunn. The event is unknown, police are working to get an overview.

“What we know is that at least three men were involved. Two are in the 20’s and he last in the 40’s. They were in the handheld on the spot, but we do not know if it was inside or outside, “says Anne Meyer, operations manager at the Southeast Police District of NTB.

Almost 40 minutes after the police received the message they had left the spot. A man with possible head injury was sent to a hospital with an ambulance.

 A Lithuanian man has been arrested for refusing to give ID to the police and for trying to beat a bartender at the venue. 

A witness saw that the guy who was beaten in the head and who ended up in hospital was beaten by a dark-haired man. He is still on the verge and we have no further description now, the police cite.

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