The Ombudsman for Children launches a new strategy against juvenile delinquency

The Ombudsman for Children requires more from the child welfare services and psychiatry when it now launches a new strategy for combating youth crime.

The strategy applies for the period 2019 to 2021, and has four priority areas, writes Dagsavisen. Child Ombudsman Inga Bejer Engh will ensure that the child welfare service has the right measures to help children in disadvantaged situations.

She also wants to prevent exclusion, which she identifies as one of the causes of crime. In addition, she wants enhanced mental health care and safeguarding a safer digital everyday life, so that online threats and bullying can be reduced.

– I have seen what it can cost children when we fail to look after them. Crime does not arise from nothing. Many have a heavy ballast from early childhood. Now we have to look behind the crime, find out what creates this behavior and put in good and targeted measures for each child, says Engh.

The youth crime in Oslo has been a recurring topic recently, with violence, threats and youth acting out.

– The effort must be put in as early as possible, and there must be closer cooperation between the psychiatry and the child welfare service, says Engh.

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