Older people in Andøy got yesterday’s fish balls on Christmas Eve

Relatives and even the councilman react after the elderly served fish balls in white sauce on Christmas Eve in Andøy municipality. The fish balls were also from the day before.

It was Vesterålen Online who first mentioned the Christmas dinner that was delivered home to nursing-care elderly people who have not received a nursing home in Andøy municipality. Since then, the story of the Christmas dinner has been frequently quoted, discussed and shared.

– I went home to my father to be with him a few hours on Christmas Eve. Then he could tell that the municipality had delivered fish bowls in white sauce for dinner. Luckily I had a Christmas plate with some Christmas food, says Irene Eilertsen.

The dinner is the same as was served to the residents of Andøy living and treatment center on Christmas Eve. Eilertsen wrote a letter to the municipality, which she has not yet received a reply to. In the local community, however, the reactions have flowed. They are not positive.

– I’ve got a lot of reactions. I posted this on Facebook, and I’ve got lots of comments and people asking me to stand on. People are shocked, says Eilertsen, who says that she thinks it’s sad, not only on her father’s behalf, but for everyone who experienced the same thing.

– You should not serve fish balls on Christmas Eve, it’s not like it should be. If this is true, then it will be followed up, to prevent it from happening again, says Councilor Kirsten Lehne Pedersen in Andøy to NRK.

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