Oil leaks at Horten

Thousands of litres of cable oil leaked at Statnett plant in Horten, Norway. Its estimated that about 2.500 litres of oil is leaked over 14 days starting 10th August said in a press release by Statnett on Monday.

On Monday morning oil was observed in the sea, and lenses were quickly laid out to prevent oil from spreading further from the ground to the sea. In connection with working to find and stop a possible new leak, it was discovered that the scope was far greater than initially assumed. It is reasonable to assume that large parts of oil have seeped into the ground, Statnett writes.

Company claims to have a complete check on infrastructure to avoid further leaks at facility. They strongly regrets the incident and would take necessary actions and measures to avoid similar incidents in future

Oil spill in Horten.Photo: Statnett / NTB scanpix
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