NVE downgrades the danger level for the man Veslemannen

As reported in our earlier post that there has been decrease in the movement of mountain Veslemannen and the danger level was red. Now the danger level is downgraded to yellow as there were no further movements seen on the mountain.

– Due to the reduced movements NVE sets the danger level to yellow. It is uncertain how much water will be inflicted on the unstable mountain in periods of degrees in tomorrow and Wednesday, and it must be taken into account that the danger level can be adjusted at relatively short notice, NVE writes in its updated risk assessment Monday morning.

Sunday and until Monday morning, the level of danger was kept red by the NVE, but during the night, the movements in the mountain markedly declined after it became colder and began to snow.

“It’s snowy on the man, and it’s now over 80 centimeters of snow there. The temperature is minus 4.7 degrees, illuminates NVE.

The movements are reduced to between 5 and 7 centimeters a day in the upper part and 1-1.5 centimeters in the lower part. It was not observed a stone’s throw night to Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday it will be milder again.

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