Number of food places closed by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority in Oslo increased

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has closed almost 139 places of food delivery and sales due to potential health hazard until 2018. According to Dagbladet, the number has increased by 40% as compared to the last year.

Solveig Eriksrud, Head of Division in Mattilsynet, said to Dagbladet, “when we make such decisions, there is always a potential health hazard”.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority found flies, dried up leftovers and traces of pests when they joined a bakery shop in Oslo at the end of the September. The front desk was closed immediately.

“Finding a mice / rotten scene means that there is a high risk of contamination of the premises and foodstuffs, and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority therefore believes that if the operation continues, people can get sick of food,” the decision states.

There is no particular in which places are closed, according to Eriksrud. She also said that the closures are worrying as there are many places with potential health hazard.

– No, there is a good spread, ranging from fast food to bakeries, cafes and restaurants. The closures make us worried. There are too many businesses in Oslo where we detect possible health hazards, “she says.

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