NTNU researchers: The teachers fail the weakest students

New research from NTNU based on how students experience school life shows that the better grades the students have, the more support they experience from their teacher.

For a three-year period until 2018, researchers at NTNU have asked 1,250 secondary school students at 12 secondary schools and about 2,500 pupils at 13 upper secondary schools in Trøndelag about how they themselves experience the support of the teacher, says Klassekampen. Cross-checked against grades shows the feedback that academically strong pupils receive more teacher support, emotionally and academically, than academically weak students.

– We see that not being seen by the teacher also causes the students to have more thoughts about quitting. Lack of teacher support can thus be a major contributing factor to the drop-out, says Per Egil Mjaavatn at the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning at NTNU to the newspaper.

The teachers are failing the weak academic students and help them less both in lower secondary school and in secondary school, while those with better grades experience more support and attention from the teacher. The difference is greatest in the third grade in upper secondary, in study-specifying subjects and somewhat less in vocational subjects where the classes are smaller.

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