Now you can become an astrologer with support from the State Loan Fund

Do you want to learn how to read the starry sky and interpret the horoscope? You will soon be able to do this with loans and grants from Lånekassen.

Astrology school Herkules has now approved its vocational school education in astrology after an application process over five years, says Morgenbladet .

Astrology is, according to the Great Norwegian Encyclopedia, “the doctrine of imagined connections between the heavenly bodies and the earth”.

The goal of astrology education is to provide “basic understanding of horoscope interpretation”. The approved basic course will start in Oslo in 2020, and should be followed up by a two-part professional education.

To Morgenbladet, Nokut – National Agency for Quality in Education – which is responsible for the assessment and approval of higher education in Norway, confirms that the education offer has been approved. Thus, the program qualifies for loans and grants in the Loan Fund.

– It meets the requirements for accreditation as they are designed in law and regulations, says section manager Helén Sophie Haugen in Nokut to Morgenbladet.

Despite the fact that vocational school education is defined as higher education, the vocational schools do not have a requirement to rely on science.

When the Storting adopted the new vocational school law in May last year, it was established that the vocational school education should provide “competence that can be used in the workplace without further training measures”, but Nokut did not fulfill his desire for stricter requirements for professional relevance, according to Morgenbladet.

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