Norwegians wonder in streaming services – more and more have at least three subscriptions

 The phenomenon of SVOD-stacking is going to grow, believes Mediavision chief.

Norway is at the forefront in the Nordic countries when it comes to so-called SVOD stacking, which is a term to subscribe to several current subscriptions at the same time. On average, Norwegian households have 1.6 subscriptions, according to recent figures from Mediavision, but the fastest growing group is those with at least three subscriptions.

Today, there are 280,000 Norwegian households, or one quarter of all SVOD households.

– Nordic consumers have great appetite and room in the household budget for streaming services, and we see no flattening. In 2019 most of the time speaks for strong growth throughout the Nordic region. The new EU rules that require more Nordic content will further increase demand. There is every reason to believe the phenomenon of SVOD-stacking is going to grow, says Mediavision chief Marie Nilsson in a press release.

On average, 48 per cent of Nordic households subscribe to at least one streaming service. It amounts to 5.3 million households, up 850,000 from last year.

Although Netflix is ​​by far the largest, they are far from having the most satisfied customers.

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