Norwegians taken in Europol action against electronic attacks

Europol has taken down a large marketplace for the purchase of online attacks on the Internet. Several Norwegian users have purchased services and attacked various goals.

Service Attack (DDoS) is an online attack on the Internet. The goal is to prevent the user of a service from gaining access. For example, the attacker can send many requests or data to a web site so that the service stops.

Kripos has received information about several Norwegian users who are tracked in the action. Several of them are minors, and police work has therefore been preventative.

Kripos has recently shared information with police districts where users live. Local police have conducted several preventive talks with these. Some of them are reviewed for the relationship, and the cases are being investigated by the police.

Europol carried out Operation Power Off in collaboration with Dutch and English police and took down a large marketplace for purchasing denial of service attacks. The marketplace had about 151,000 registered users and four million denial of service attacks were registered there.

The goals of the attacks were everything from state institutions, banks, private businesses, as well as attacks on players in online games.

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