Norwegians are buying ever larger TVs and more expensive mobiles

More than half of the TVs sold in Norway are now in 56-65 inch size. At the same time, mobile sales fall, but people buy more expensive models.

The annual statistics from the foundation The Electronics industry show that electronics were sold for NOK 35.44 billion last year. It is a new turnover record, but only a little more than in 2017 when the turnover was NOK 35.26 billion.

Some trends stand out in the buying patterns. Among other things, the number of mobiles sold has fallen from 1.9 to 1.8 million.

– The sale of the cheapest mobile phones falls sharply. At the same time, we see growth in the models costing over NOK 6,000. The mobile phone is still among Norwegians’ most important assets, and we often choose the flagship models from the various manufacturers, ”says communications manager Marte Ottemo in the Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen.

Lasts longer

More expensive mobiles keep us longer.

– The average life of a mobile phone is 2.5 years. That is a sharp increase compared to a few years ago, when we switched phones every 18 months, says Ottemo.

Another trend is that Norwegians buy fewer TVs, but that the models are considerably larger, have a higher resolution and cost more.

55 percent of the models sold are now between 56 and 65 inches. Last year, the proportion was just under 50 percent.

Even bigger

The proportion of TVs over 66 inches has also increased, from 2.8 per cent in 2017 to 3.1 per cent in 2018.

– In 2018, TVs with 8K resolution will also take market shares, and then we expect the screens to be even larger, says CEO Jan Røsholm in the Electronics industry.

Norwegians also buy more and more smart watches. Sales have increased from about 400,000 to 500,000.

– For the first time, we also include figures on digital assistants in our figures. Smart speakers like Google Home and Apple HomePod reached a sales figure of 150,000 devices, says Røsholm.

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