Norwegian ship to go on search for missing submarine ARA San Juan

Submarine ARA San Juan had disappeared last year on November 15th with 44 crew members on board. A Norwegian ship will be sent to find out the whereabouts of missing submarine.

According to VG , the Argentine newspaper Clarin reports that the Norwegian ship, Seabed Constructor, is hired by the American company Ocean Infinity, which will assist the Argentine army in exploration work.

Submarine ARA San Juan had technical problems on its way and it never returned to the naval base it left. Despite extensive exploration since then, the submarine had not been found. Argentina has promised a $ 5 million bounty for information that could lead to the submarine being found.

Seabed Constructor is a supply vessel from Bergen. According to the Clarin newspaper, ship has five submarines for exploration in the ocean, about 200 nautical miles east of the coastal town of Comodoro Rivadavia, south of Argentina.

Seabed Constructor was also hired by Ocean infinity to look for Malaysia Airlines MH370 in 2014, the passenger plane that disappeared over the sea on the way to Beijing with 239 people on board. The flight was not found.

Seabed Constructor

Submarine might have imploded and collapsed at about 400 meters deep off the coast of Argentina as reported by experts earlier. There has been an unusual sound record in the area where submarine would have possibly disappeared. Office of Naval Intelligence believes it may have been the submarine noise that was impending.

The Norwegian offshore vessel “Skandi Patagonia” has previously participated in the search for the submarine. The boss of the Argentine Navy, Marcelo Srur, was fired in the wake of the tragedy.

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