Norwegian second place on women’s relay in biathlon

The Norwegian biathlon runners took their second in a row in relay at Canadian Canmore on Thursday, about a month before the World Cup in Östersund.

Early in Thursday’s World Cup competition, which went over 4 x 6 kilometers, it didn’t look good for Norway at all. Emilie Kalkenberg shot off with five bombs and two penalties. On exchange she was in 15th place and well over two minutes behind the lead.

But then the pickup started. Ingrid Tandrevold missed only once and went Norway up six places, but still it was just over two minutes up to Italy at first place. Tiril Eckhoff also missed one time, but she snapped into the distance to the game for 40 seconds. At the last exchange, Norway was fourth, 1.26.9 behind Germany, who had taken over the management.

With almost one and a half minutes to catch up, Marte Olsbu Røiseland did not have a simple task. On the last shoot, she had to use two extra shots, but still shot more precisely on her two rounds on the stand than any of the other top teams. Italian Federica Sanfilippo had to go on a penalty shootout on the last shoot and was in practice hooked off.

On the way to the finish, Røiseland passed Julia Simon from France and ended up securing a second place in the rehearsal before the World Cup in Östersund in a month.

Although Germany’s anchor woman, Laura Dahlmeier, also had to go out for a penalty after the last shooting, no one could chasten the Germans in Canmore. Dahlmeier came in goal 30.2 seconds ahead of Røiseland.

With two second places under the belt, it looks better for the Norwegian women before the World Cup than it did at some point last year. When they went for a whole season without pallet space. The last time they won was when they took World Cup gold at home in Holmenkollen in 2016.

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