Norwegian political parties received almost 100 million dollars in gifts

The political parties in Norway received almost 100 million dollars in gifts from private individuals, private companies and organizations last year.

More than half of the contributions of 99 million wives in the 2017 elections were given to the Right and Labor Party, showing an overview Statistics Norway (SSB) has prepared. In addition to the donations, the parties received public funding of NOK 497 million. Public support for the parties accounts for 67 percent of the parties’ total income.

The overview shows that it is in elections that the parties receive the most in addition to state aid. While the money issues at the previous elections in 2015 were only NOK 3 million lower than in 2017, the parties received only NOK 52 million in contributions in 2016.

The trend shows that cash payments in elections, apart from state aid, are increasing. Since 2005, the total amount of money the parties have received in gifts tripled from NOK 35 million.

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