Norwegian, the largest non-US airline on transatlantic routes

The fresh traffic figures shows that Norwegian is now the largest non-US airline on transatlantic routes to and from the New York area.

The figures from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey show that in the last twelve months, Norwegian has transported 1.67 million passengers to and from airports in the New York area, writes

British Airways, on its own, has 1.63 million passengers to and from the airports of John F. Kennedy, Newark and LaGuardia. According to the New York Times, in July 2017, Norwegian only had 750,000 passengers to and from New York.

Ingenious long-term low-cost approach plan

“This is really well done and shows that Norway’s long-term low-cost approach was not a crazy but an ingenious plan,” says air analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs in Winair to

The routes between New York and Europe are considered to be one of the world’s toughest competitive avenues for civil aviation.

“That more travelers choose Norwegian rather than traditional companies that have served this world metropolis for decades show that customers want low prices, award winning service and the latest, most environmentally friendly aircraft when crossing the Atlantic. More travelers are good news for the tourism industry in both the US and Europe because it contributes to more jobs and economic growth, says Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, Communications Manager in Norwegian to NTB.

In May 2012, Norwegian started its first US route from Oslo Airport to the JFK airport in the US and since then,  the company has quickly built up new York routes from other cities.

British Airways is owned by the British-Spanish aviation group, IAG, who has long been interested in acquiring Norwegian, which has rejected two bids from IAG earlier.


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