The Norwegian Conservation Association complains about extra wolves quota

The Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation complains about the predatory committees’ decision to trap four more wolves outside the wolves zone in Hedmark and Akershus.

The predatory committees in Hedmark (region 5) and in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold (region 4) decided to expand the license quota outside the wolves zone with four wolves. It was adopted during a joint meeting on 29 January.

Now, the Norwegian Defense Association appeals to the decision. The reason is that they believe that the committees do not have the authority to adopt an extended license quota.

They ask at the same time that the complaint be given suspensive effect in order to ensure that no wolves are shot at an illegally made decision.

– We believe that it is not a professional or legal basis for adopting a new quota. The case documents from the secretariat are weak, illogical and tendentious , says the head of department Arnodd Håpnes in the Nature Conservation Association.

The secretariat claims that the extended quota will not threaten Norwegian targets, because it is set outside the wolf zone. The Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation believes that this assessment is not documented. They point out that the survival of the stock must be assessed against the entire southern Scandinavian population, as requested by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in its previous complaint decision.

The NNR reacts further to the fact that the decision fails to emphasize that many wolves are already shot.

WWF has already complained about the predatory committees’ decisions.

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