Norwegian aircraft experienced engine problems and landed in Iran

A Norwegian aircraft that headed towards Oslo from Dubai had to make an emergency landing in Iran after problems occurred in one engine. Plane was in the mid air and circled over Iran for a while before landing.

“We are working on getting passengers from Iran and making it least inconvenient for them,” said Andrea Jørnholm, Press Contact, in Norwegian to VG .

There were 186 passengers on board in the plane. According to Jørnholm there were no smoke development or other visible signs of engine problems inside the aircraft. However for a safety measure they landed at Iran to thoroughly check the engine of aircraft for safe journey.

– The plane landed safely. Safety always comes first and we do not fly anywhere with that plane until we know what caused the problem, “he told NTB.

Norwegian has already begun work on getting passengers from Iran.

“I have no further information at this time,” says Jørnholm.

Update: Passengers were safely landed to Norway the next day in a different flight. Faulty Norwegian plane is still in Iran waiting for the spare parts which has to be delivered from US. Since the US reintroduced their sanctions with Iran, delivery of spare parts has become a nightmare.

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