Norway’s parliament caretaker had to quit after three years as temporary

For three months at a time, Dipaker Rangitkumaar was hired as caretaker at the Parliament. After three years as temporary, it abruptly ended.

This week, Rangit kumaar had to sign up for Nav after he no longer had any jobs to go to, writes VG.

– I was summoned to my manager, who told me I had been working there for three years and that meant that they might have to work for me. They had therefore come to the conclusion that they would not extend the contract, he says. Trade union leader Joachim Espe states that the Parliament breaks the law.

– It is illegal hiring because he has not been a substitute for anyone. The Parliament has hired him from Manpower, three months at a time. Just before he has worked for them for three years, he loses his job, says Espe, who heads the Plumbers’ trade union in Fagforbundet in Oslo.

– In accordance with terms and conditions

Parliamentary Director Marianne Andreassen will look into the matter before she speaks.

– Before we have been informed about all aspects of the case, we cannot give further comments, she says. She says the Parliament has a framework agreement with Manpower on temporary work.

– We use labor hiring when we have short-term and other temporary needs. This is done in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply.

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