Norway’s ambassador at Morocco travels to Marrakech for double killing investigation

Norway’s ambassador to Morocco has traveled to Marrakech to follow up the double killings on the Atlas Mountains for Norwegian authorities. This is a very sad and tragic case, says Ambassador Merethe Nergaard.

The Norwegian embassy has close contact with Moroccan authorities and follows the investigation of the killings. The embassy in Morocco also contributes consular assistance to the relatives via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nergaard refers to the Moroccan authorities for information about the investigation. She has not said anything about whether any of the relatives have come to Marrakech or whether representatives from Norwegian and Danish authorities should accompany the coffins home to Norway and Denmark.

The killings in Norway Maren Ueland and Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen have received great attention in Morocco, and Moroccan media follow the matter closely.

“The Moroccan authorities are taking the matter very serious and the investigation is underway,” says Ambassador Nergaard.

Ambassador Nergaard also points out that the vast majority of traveling to Morocco are problem-free, but that measures must be taken. She recommends people to read travel information about the country on UD’s web pages.


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