Norway will provide NOK 64 million to the UN Relief Society for Palestinian Refugees

Norway will provide another NOK 64 million to the United Nations Relief Society for Palestinian Refugees after the United States cut this support earlier this year.

“The United Nations Relief Society for Palestinian Refugees is in a critical economic situation after the United States decided to suspend all support for the organization. Norway therefore provides an extraordinary contribution of NOK 64 million. This will help schools remain open, that sick people get help and that humanitarian needs will still be met, “said Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide in a press release Thursday.

The total contribution from Norway to the UN Relief Society for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) will be NOK 294 million this year.

Norway and other countries have come together and had done a total contribution for around NOK 957 million to the organization.

United States largest single subsidiary of UNRWA, cuts 2.5 billion dollars in annual funding.

UNRWA chief Pierre Kraehenbuehl says that the organization with the new funds still still lacks NOK 551 million a year.

“This is an important step in tackling UNRWA’s biggest and most serious financial crisis ever,” says Kraehenbuehl.

Lack of money for schools

Among other things, UNRWA provides food, school and health services to around two thirds of the Gaza Strip’s 2 million registered refugees. 526,000 Palestinian schoolchildren attend UNRWA’s schools, but the United States cuts made the organization not want enough money to keep Gaza’s schools open after the end of September if no new money came in.

“UNRWA plays a decisive role in regional stability while pursuing a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said Foreign Minister Eriksen Søreide.


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