Norway reached the semi-finale of the World Mixed Curling Championship 2018

On Saturday, Norway beat Switzerland by 6-4 and reached the semifinal with Ingvild Skaga in the lead. In semi-finale, Norway will have a face off with Canada in the World Cup in mixed curling.

– I’m very, very happy. It became a very nervous ending. Switzerland put some very good stones and they made it difficult for us. I think we played very well in the last round in a fairly even match, “said Ingvild Skaga, Norway’s organizer.

Norway came under 0-1 after the 1st round, but won the three next 3-0 before there was 0-3 loss in the 5th round. After a round without points, there were 2-0 and 1-0 on the last two series, and the semifinal spot was secured for the aforementioned Skaga, wise ship Wilhelm Næss, Martin Sesaker and Eirin Mesloe.

– The semi-finals will be a knock-pull. Then we must play against our very best level, Skaga meant.

In last year’s World Cup, the team’s record ended at the 4th place. This year, the team’s ranking would be atleast as good at the World Cup in Kelowna, Canada.

Home team Canada beat young Scottish team by 8-5 in their quarter finals.

Norway has won six out of seven matches. Norway’s only loss came against New Zealand which is the latter’s only victory. 

Norway is entering the semifinal with the assurance that they actually beat Canada 5-4 in the initial group game.

At the same time, Canada as well has conquered six out of seven matches and has lost only against Norway.

Russia and Spain will meet in the last semifinal. Russia beat Turkey by 11-2 in the quarterfinals, while Spain won by 6-4 over Germany.



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