Norway is no longer a peace nation

Cuts support for peace organizations

Norway is no longer a peace nation, according to the Norwegian Peace Council, which indicates that the government is cutting all support for information work for peace in Norway.

“The funds have been absolutely necessary to be able to carry out information work and help to shed light on the debate on Norwegian foreign, defense and security policies,” says Tuva Grimsgaard, acting chairman in the Norwegian Peace Council.

Last year, the post “Information Work for Peace” disappeared from the state budget, but the organizations still received some support.

“Thanks to the peace prize of the International Combat Nuclear Weapons Campaign (ICAN) and Venster’s efforts, both the Norwegian Peace Council, No to Nuclear Weapons and Norwegian Nuclear Weapons were secured enough funds to continue, albeit on a very reduced scale. Now the government has also removed this money, and we are backed, says Grimsgaard.

“We spend hundreds of millions of information work on the defense, while the government does not seem to be serving someone challenging the prevailing defense policy line and removing funds for those who bring other perspectives on the table. This is undemocratic, says Grimsgaard.

“The state budget emphasizes that Norway is no longer a peace nation,” she says.

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