Norway introduces maximum price to call and send SMS to EU countries

The Government intends to introduce new EU rules that provide a maximum price for telephone calls and SMS to EU countries. In addition, calling five-digit numbers will be cheaper.

– Today it costs just as much to call and send SMS when you are on vacation or business trip in an EU country as when you are at home. Now we also make it cheaper to call and send SMS to friends or family who live in the EU and have a foreign phone number, ”says Digitalization Minister Nikolai Astrup (H).

The proposal for amendments to the Electronic Communications Act is submitted to the Storting on Wednesday. The background is a new EU regulation that a call should not cost more than about 1 dime and 90 cents per minute and a maximum of 60 cents for each SMS to other EU countries. This scheme will be introduced in the EU from 15 May.

– We aim for the same prices to be introduced in Norway as close to the deadline in the EU as possible, says Astrup.

In addition, the government proposes a ban on public entities and NGOs taking a higher price for using five-digit numbers than calling a regular mobile or fixed number.

– It has been disproportionately expensive to call five-digit numbers over a long period of time. I want to do something about this, says the Minister of Digitalization.

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