Norway government proposals for electric bicycles in Oslomarka face resistance

Oslo and Omland Friluftsråd (OOF) fears for the safety and wear and tear of nature if the government’s proposal to allow electric bicycles in the Oslomarka gets the majority in parliament.

In the New Year, the Parliament will consider a proposal for a change in the Land Act where it can be allowed for electric bicycles on the roads and paths in Oslomarka, writes Aftenposten.

Climate and Environment Minister Ola Elvestuen (V) has received a call from Oslo and Omland Friluftsråd (OOF), which represents most of the marke organizations. The ski community, the largest landowners, Løvenskiold, Oslo municipality and Losby Bruk are behind the call.

– Marka should be a haven where people feel safe and secure. Therefore, we think that the paths are good to have free from electric bikes, ”says Secretary General Tom Fremstad in Oslo and Omland Friluftsråd (OOF), and says that it may be wise to be precarious considering that there are constant changes to the bikes.

– We fear that new electric cycles will lead to more wear and tear.

Electric bike is a motorized vehicle and was not allowed in outdoor areas until a change of regulations last year. In Oslomarka, it is still not allowed to use electric bicycles, since the Land Act has its own prohibition rules on motor traffic. The legislative amendment allows the municipalities to limit or prohibit bicycles in specific areas or stretches.

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