Norway government is considering aid scheme for freight traffic

The government is investigating the possibility of introducing a financial support scheme that will help to shift freight traffic from the roads to the railroad.

“The conclusions have not been taken yet, but these are things we are working on,” states Secretary of State Anders B. Werp (H) in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

A lot of pending developments can be completed if the freight traffic is moved from road to railway lines. This new scheme can help to achieve this. Government has been planning and its a political goal to strengthen the rail fright transport sector which will also help in major maintenance and development projects.

CargoNet estimates that a temporary aid scheme must be between NOK 150 and 200 million.

The government promises 18 billion kroner in National Transport Plan”consisting of several different measures in the infrastructure to strengthen rail freight transport.” These measures “start to produce effects from 2022-2029 and beyond”, according to the mandate, a working group then Minister of Transport Ketil Solvik-Olsen sat down half a year ago.

The OAG states in a February report that the government has not followed up its goals with active management and effective measures and that road transport has increased and strengthened its competitiveness in terms of price, time and flexibility.

“We do a lot, but some of it also takes time. Therefore, we also look at short-term measures, says Werp.

The Solvik-Olsen working group will assess “a temporary arrangement that can help maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the rail freight industry”.

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