China and climate: Norway can become an important supporter

The royal couple of Norway are on a tour of China. Sustainability, climate and the environment are key issues during the ongoing state visit in China. On Friday, the royal couple visits one of China’s largest solar power plants in Dunhuang.

Professor of China Studies, Mette Halskov Hansen points out that climate problems cannot be resolved without China. She also believes that Norway can be a really good supporter in the work.

“I think it is important that we get real cooperation with China in climate and environment in connection with the state visit,” said Hansen, a professor of China studies at the University of Oslo.

Cooperation is must

The professor believes that  China is interested in learning and researching with Norway in the field.

“It is a field that is extremely important for the whole world, but really also for China. They are very hard hit by climate change and have major environmental problems. This is an area where they are very interested in collaborating with Norwegian research communities, “she says.

She believes that the world cannot solve climate problems without China and says that Norway should initiate building research and business cooperation with China.

Hansen says she has seen a positive development in China in recent years in understanding climate issues. The same goes for the prospects for cooperation on the environment.

Theme of sustainability

Several times later, during the state visit, environmental issues are on the program.

Sustainability is one of two themes at a Norwegian-Chinese social science symposium that the King will open in Beijing. Later, sustainable ocean management, green shipping and solutions to prevent marine shedding on the program during a major business seminar in Shanghai.

China is interested in the field

China researcher Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr at NUPI and the Universities of Oslo and Bergen says that technology and environment, the Arctic and welfare are often at the top of the list when Chinese delegations come to Norway.

“They are very interested in learning about it, hearing about it and understanding what Norway thinks about this.

“China has interests in the North and Arctic and in environmental and resource management – where Norway has many good experiences and technological solutions,” he says.

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